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    USPS is the United States Postal Service, also known as the Post Office, U.S. Mail, or Postal Service. It was started way back in 1775, when Benjamin Franklin was appointed as Postmaster General and the service provided was recognized as vital to the development of a vast, newly emerging nation. It helps to connect most of the rural areas of the United States, which were generally unable to connect ith major cities of those time. The service provided by USPS was a markable one and the packages were delivered on time.

    The service of USPS is one of the most major things that differentiated the USPS from its opponents. USPS package delivering on time without bothering the size of the package to be delivered. It delivers the package in any season, irrespective of the snow, rain, heat, etc. It gives it;s service throughout the year. That's why almost 25% of US population used the USPS service to deliver their packages. Not just all USPS delivers its packages with moe security. People don't need to worry about the packages being stolen, or been used up before delivery. USPS delivers the package to the specified person for whom the package has been sent.

    USPS uses some part of FedEx to deliver its packages. Since USPS is now a global courier service provider, so USPS uses some services of FedEx delivery so that it can deliver its packages. USPS uses different means of transport to get their packages delivered. It uses aircraft, ships, bus, trains, etc., to deliver its packages. The price for delivery by USPS is reasonably low if you compare the services provided by USPS. It gives you the assurance that your packages will get delivered on time and without being damaged. You can track your package whenever you want to track them.

    The online service provided by FedEx is just amazing. This is also one of the major issues that differentiate the USPS from other courier service providers. Once you have sent your package to any other person, living in any part of the world, you can track the status and the exact location of package anytime through the online package tracking system feature of USPS. These facilities are often not provided by any other package delivery system. Since the goal of USPS is to deliver it's package on time and with more security so the services of USPS are much more fascinating than other package service providers. These features of the USPS makes it one of the best package delivery service provider of the US and one can send their package with much more security than any other package delivery service providers.


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